HOPES RUNNER 2021 – Run for Life & Charity Walk

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Join Hands Again with the Rainbow Covenant

Since 2015, the Haven of Hope Christian Service (HOHCS) has been organising the charity run, regardless changes around the world, and so as this year. Having undergone the anti-pandemic era for more than a year, perhaps you may notice that life is as usual under the series of social distancing measures. Yet, there is little direct interpersonal communication, and our lives seem to be lacking a sense of warmth and realism. “The HOPES RUNNER 2021 – HOHCS Run for Life & Charity Walk” enables you to reconnect with other people. The Bible cited, after God destroyed the entire world with a flood, the rainbow covenant was guaranteed to mankind with the promise of salvation. Through the “HOHCS’ Run for Life & Charity Walk”, let us embrace hope and run towards the rainbow in our heart.

Learn from HUGUS, Feel by Heart

Designed by a local young talent design team, HUGUS is a white teddy bear with no eyes and mouth. The shining light in its tummy is its distinct feature, symbolising that love is unbound by appearance and should be felt by heart. That said, HUGUS loves expressing its emotion by hugs. A bear hug with touching and warmth says more than a thousand words. HUGUS performs as the ambassador for the “Run for life & Charity Walk”, and will take lead in the event. It is hoped that the participants can learn from HUGUS to cherish the people around us.

Enjoy the Landscape Amid the Run

This year marks the first time of the “Run for Life & Charity Walk” to be conducted at the HOHCS footholds. All the 14 checkpoints are HOHOC’s remarkable footholds, which include the church built in the 1960s and the Tseung Kwan O (TKO) Heritage Post revamped from the old Tiu Keng Leng police station. These landmarks are testimony to HOHCS’ prosperous development under God’s blessing. Particularly meaningful is that they also witnessed changes of the TKO district. The event is divided into the “3km Run for Life”, the “3km Charity Walk” and virtual run, enabling participants with various capabilities to enjoy the run.

Fundraising for HOHCS Annie Skau Holistic Care Centre

The “HOPES RUNNER 2021 – HOHCS Run for Life & Charity Walk” will be held on 9 October 2021 (Saturday). It aims to raise HK$2 million for the Annie Skau Holistic Care Centre’s (SASHCC) expansion project, which is a crucial part of “The Haven Project”, a 10-year infrastructure development plan. The project involves the building of end-of-life caring building cum teaching and research centre, chronic disease services building, rehabilitation centre for elderly, and renovation of the Wah Wing Building. Forging into its 15th anniversary, the SASHCC is always the rainbow after the rain, bringing hopes to those suffered patients and providing palliative care, rehabilitation and all-round spiritual care for the frail elderly, chronic disease and late-stage patients. As the expansion project will be gradually in place, we hope that more patients and their family members can be benefited.

HOHCS has been upholding the spirit of servicing the society with “Respecting Life.Impacting Life” of Sister Annie Skau, founder of Haven of Hope Christian Service. In view of the recent escalating ageing problem in the Tseung Kwan O district, which has posed great challenges to the community, HOHCS initiated the Haven Project. Capitalising on the integration of HOHCS’ expertise and experience that have been accumulated for years in elderly medical and rehabilitation services, as well as the infrastructure development, it sets sight on improving medical and social services, ranging from the expansion of the Haven of Hope Hospital, the expansion of the SASHCC, the renovation of the Woo Ping Care & Attention Home, the building of care and attention home for the severely disabled persons, residential care home for the elderly, day care centre cum hostel for the severely mentally disabled persons.

Conducting in a hybrid mode (online and offline), the event consists of three major entries, enabling interested parties with various capabilities to participate and enjoy.

Date: From now to 12 December 2021

  • Participants can pick their own running time and routes; complete and record the entire run using mobile App or sport watch; then upload the results to the designated website.
  • All participants will be given a souvenir pack, including an event T-shirt.
  • finisher medal will be granted for the participant who complete the run and successfully upload the record onto the website.
  • Minimum donation: HK$380 per head
  • Free gift of a limited edition HUGUS soft toy for additional donation of HK$300 or above on top of the minimum donation.  (Limited quantity, first-come first-served basis.)

Date: 4 to 10 December 2021 (By appointment)

Venue: The Haven of Hope (Start and Finish Point: Open area next to 7 Haven of Hope Road)

  • Divided into 4 Cups and there are individual and team runs for each cup. Participants can choose to take part as an individual or a team (with no more than 4 participants).
  • Prizes of champion, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up will be offered in each category.
  • There will be 30 time slots (15 mins for each slot) provided on each event day during the period from 4th to 10th December 2021. Each unit (can be an individual participant or a group with no more than 4 participants) will sign up and enroll with one time slot.
  • Each time slot is available for one unit only.  The arrangement allows us to offer you better prevention of Coronavirus Disease and greater flexibility in planning your trip.
  • All participants will be given a souvenir pack, including number bid and event T-shirt.
  • Finisher medal will be granted for participants who complete the run.
  • Minimum donation: HK$380 per head (Individual) / HK$1,400 per team (Team)
  • Each team will be given a limited edition HUGUS soft toy for free.  Individual runner who makes an additional donation of HK$300 or above on top of the minimum donation will also be given a HUGUS soft toy (limited edition) for free.   (Limited quantity, first-come first-served basis.)

Event Date: 4 December 2021 (Saturday)

Venue: The Haven of Hope (Start and Finish Point: Haven of Hope Christian Service Chapel)

  • Participant can choose to take part as individual or a team (max. 4 participants per team).
  • There are 14 checkpoints along the route. Each participant will be given a “stamp collection card” for getting a chop at each checkpoint.
  • All participants will be given a souvenir pack, including an event T-shirt.
  • Upon completion of the walk and successful collection of the 14 stamps, participants will be given a finisher medal at the finish point.
  • Minimum donation: HK$380 per head (Individual) / HK$1,400 per team (Team)
  • Each team will be given a limited edition HUGUS soft toy for free. Individual runner who makes an additional donation of HK$300 or above on top of the minimum donation will also be given a HUGUS soft toy (limited edition) for free.   (Limited quantity, first-come first-served basis.)

Map of Checkpoints

HOH_Map_ENG_LA03_for CharityRun

Participants will be granted complimentary gifts!

  • Each participant will be given a limited edition HUGUS T-shirt (Own choice of size with random colour on a first-come first-served basis.)
  • Each participant will be given a BIODERMA Gift Set.  (Limited quantity, first-come first-served basis.)
  • Each team will be given a limited edition HUGUS soft toy (8.0”) for free (only applicable to the “3km Run for Life” and the “Charity Walk”).
  • Individual participant who makes an additional donation of HK$300 or above will be given a limited edition of HUGUS soft toy (8.0”) too. 
  • Limited quantity, first-come first-served basis.
  • All participants, who have completed the run / walk, will be awarded a finisher medal.

Enrolment Methods
Fundraising Details


  • Online enrolment: Enrolment should be made on the official website with online payment.
  • Other enrolment methods: Download and fill in the “Enrolment Form”, along with credit card details, crossed cheque or original bank deposit slip, then submit to the organiser on or before 28 November 2021 via Whatapp: 9205 7784, or email: crd@hohcs.org.hk, or mail: Communications and Resource Development Department, Haven of Hope Christian Service, 7 Haven of Hope Road, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories. Kindly specify “The HOPES RUNNER 2021 – HOHCS Run for Life & Charity Walk” on the envelop.
  • 【Please write the name of the participant [individual, team or corporate], contact no. at the back of the cheque or bank deposit slip.】Do not send cash by mail.
  • Crossed cheque: Payable to “Haven of Hope Christian Service”
  • Bank Deposit: Bank of China (BOC) account 012-874-0-010782-3
  • Participant should retain copies of the “Donation Form” and “Sponsorship Form” for verification.

Important Notes

  • Participants of the “3km Run for Life” can choose (1 out of 4) to compete for the special commemorative cup. Once confirmed, no change could be made.
  • Result of team race for the “3km Run for Life” will be calculated by the total time of the first 3 team members, and determined by the organiser. Teams with less than 3 participants will not be eligible for the award.
  • Donations are not refundable or transferable after successful enrolment. Participants will receive a confirmation email within 5 working days. Otherwise, please contact the organiser by email: crd@hohcs.org.hk; by phone: 2703 3236/ 2703 3290; or by WhatsApp 9205 7784 for enquiries.
  • Player kit notice will be sent to participants after confirmation.  Each participant can redeem a player kit (including T-shirt, gift pack and bib number [only applicable for the “Run for Life” participants]) with the email print-out at the designated time and venue.
  • For all the racing teams, the contact persons on the enrolment form will be the contact representatives.
  • Duplicate enrolment will be counted only once. There will be no refund, return, change of name or extra race arrangements.
  • Receipt will be issued for donation of HK$100 or above. All official receipts will be sent out within 2 months after the event. The name of team/Corporate racing (group) on the receipt will be the same as shown on the enrolment form. Please provide with valid corporate name.
  • Participants should submit enrolment and sponsorship forms on or before the enrolment closing date of 28 November 2021. Enrolment is on a first-come-first-served basis with limited quota.
  • No late or walk-in enrolment is allowed.
  • The organiser reserves the right to restrict or reject any enrolment.

We encourage the participating individual/team to invite friends and relatives to sponsor the event. This not only can boost the momentum of runners, but also benefits more people in need!

In case that you cannot participate in the event, you are welcomed to make donation which will benefit more people in need.

  • Participants must abide by the COVID-19 anti-epidemic measures established by the Organizer in response to the epidemic on the event day. 
  • Group gathering with more than 4 persons will be not allowed according to social distancing measures.
  • No food or drink will be served (except drinking water required by participants).

Before the event

  • Temperature measurement will be conducted at the admission into the race zone for all participants.
  • All participants will be required to record personal information by scanning a QR code through “Leave Home Safe” app or fill out the form.

Before Starting

  • Each unit will start running according to the selected time slot.
  • No more than 4 participants in each unit.
  • Participants will be required to keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres from others.
  • All participants must wear masks before starting of the run.
  • Participants can take off the mask and put it into the disposal bag provided by the working staff 30 seconds prior to starting of the run.

Finish Point

  • Upon completing the run, each participant will be given an individual-packed mask and a bottle of water.
  • On-duty staff will direct participants to leave the terminal area.

Prize Presentation

  • There will be no award ceremony on the spot.
  • Results will be announced online.


**Should the COVID-19 pandemic remain severe, the Organizer reserves the right to postpone, shorten the event or change the race day and format.

Terms & Conditions

  • The organiser will conduct shooting on the event day for promotion of volunteer work.
  • The organiser suggests participant to consult doctor’s advice to make sure if his/her physical condition is suitable for the run before enrolment and participation in the event. Participant should undertake sufficient training before the run to adapt to the specific routing.
  • The organiser has purchased third party insurance. If needed, participant can purchase his/her own personal or other related insurance.
  • All entries will be conducted on time. Participant should refer to the timetable and be aware of the broadcast. Participant should arrive at the assembly point 15 minutes before starting of the run.
  • Participant should wear the number bib, and must step over the starting line, turning line as well as finish line, or else the result will not be counted.
  • Water supply and first aid station will be arranged by the organiser.
  • There will be baggage storage service provided by the organiser. The organiser holds no responsibility for property loss or damage.
  • The organiser deserves the right of final decision. Any changes or information with regard to the contingent measures for the event announced by the organiser and posted on the organiser’s Facebook page and official website shall prevail.
  • All the awards and race positions will be based on the organiser’s official timing. There will be no appealing mechanism, and the organiser reserves the right of final decision.
  • All the awards will only be presented at the designated time, and there will be no replacement, pre-collection or collection on behalf of the winners.
  • Upon submission of the enrolment form, it would mean that the participant acknowledges and agrees to accept all the race requirements, regulations and arrangements.
  • Under all circumstances that the participant should obey directions of any working staff. The organiser reserves the right of disqualifying the participant who fails to do so.
  • The organiser reserves the right of making changes to the routes before or amid the race, depending on the real-time road situation or urgent situation, as it deems appropriate without prior notice.
  • These Terms and Conditions are subject to the interpretation of the Organizers which shall be final and conclusive. In the event of disputes, the Organizers reserve the right to make final judgment on the dispute and otherwise in respect of the Event.  The Organisers reserve the right to amend or supplement the Rules and Regulations or to terminate or suspend the availability of the Event at any time without prior notice.

Arrangements under inclement weather conditions

  • If the event is cancelled due to bad weather or other circumstances, or withdrawal by the enrolled participant, no refund of donations will be made.
  • The event will be cancelled if a red or black rainstorm signal or a tropical cyclone signal No.3 or above is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory at 6:00am on the event day. Announcement will be made through HOHCS’ event Facebook page.
  • In case of adverse weather, a red or black rainstorm signal or tropical cyclone signal No.3 or above during the event by the Hong Kong Observatory, the event will be postponed or cancelled.
  • Please contact the Hong Kong Observatory to check the weather condition in the morning of the event day.

Upon completing the “10km Run for Life”, participants are required to upload the results onto the designated website.


*Listed in no particular order